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About me

Lyubov Faskhutinova

Hello! My name is Lyubov, which means ‘love’, and this is a reflection of my work. I graduated from the Dolores Academy (the best hairdressing academy in Russia), I also studied colouring techniques in France and every year I improve my skills, attending master classes and honing these skills at competitions. I'm a hairdresser-colourist, a make-up artist and a style consultant. I believe that beauty will save the world, and that transformation begins with yourself. That's why I develop my skills in a variety of spheres across the beauty industry, but most importantly: everything I do - I truly love doing! Seeing the results of my work with each of my clients inspires me. I appreciate the trust that people give me when they choose to work with me. In my portfolio is a variety of experience from haircuts to art-images for films. I use my talents to achieve the result that will most please my clients. I set high standards for myself and for the quality of my work, before I start to create, I always advise my clients what specifically will suit them. Love is beautiful, it is different, as different as the people who come to me. My mission is to give people love, through the beauty that I help create.



Moscow, Mira avenue, 102

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